I am a work from home mother of two who eventually decided that I didn’t really ever want to get a real job if I didn’t have to so I decided to try to make a go at being a writer which has always kind of seemed like a pipe dream from a young child who really couldn’t imagine having to pay bills and do laundry but as the days wear on and I write more and more I find that it may not be as out of reach as originally thought so I took a leap and jumped down the rabbit hole and can only hope to muddle through pretending to fit in with the locals long enough to become one before they brandish their axes and try to chop of my hands as an imposter.

I have a website here: http://www.nyctalopia.net/ for my graphic novel that I am working on with my artist cousin Candice Reilly.

I also have a short comic in Womanthology that I wrote and that Candice drew.

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