Valentine Bouquet Frame

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Crafts
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This is an easy craft to do and makes an adorable decoration that you can hang on your wall for Valentine’s Day. All you need are a few supplies, most of which you may already have in your craft cabinet. This craft is simple enough to do with your children, allowing for them to use their own creativity in placing the hearts and blooms. Using pre-cut hearts makes this simple, but you can also cut out your own hearts using foam sheets.

Supplies Needed:

A piece of cardboard cut to desired size                 Scissors

(I used a sheet of cardboard sized 7″x14″)             Tape

Valentine wrapping paper                                      Tacky glue

Foam hearts in at least 3 different sizes

Small fake flowers

Pipe cleaners

Construction paper

1 Wrap the cardboard with wrapping paper and set aside.

2 Using the template link provided, print out the vase shape or draw out a vase shape on a piece of construction paper. With three pieces of construction paper layered on top of each other, cut out the vase. Glue the vases together.  The size of the vase will be determined by the size of the cardboard. Set aside.


3. Take two medium size hearts and glue them together with a pipe cleaner “stem” between the two pieces.

4. Decorate the medium size hearts with smaller hearts as desired.

5. Pull of a couple of blooms from the small fake flowers. glue them together using a leaf wrapped around the short stems to stabilize the blooms.

6. Glue the blooms onto the medium size hearts

7. Make a couple more bouquets following the directions above.  The number you will want depends on the size of the cardboard.

8. Assemble the background by taking large hearts and gluing them onto the wrapped cardboard if desired. Take your bouquets and lay them out onto the background to determine how best to glue them, keeping the stems close together so that they fit in the “vase”. Glue them onto the background.

9. Glue the vase over the stems from the bouquet, centering the vase on the cardboard background. Set a heavy book on top until the glue dries. Hang where desired and enjoy a bit of color in the midst of winter!

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    Dat’s Purty…

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