Pandemonium Manor

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Crisp, white paper, college ruled, a thick ballpoint pen, a mug of hot, dark coffee, thick and creamy, my ripped up writing pants, denim and thirteen years old, an ugly green sweater, worn in with hard use. These are my tools. Some days, I can go without the pants or the sweater, some days I may even be able to write a first draft at the computer, but when hit with writers block, or if I just don’t have the motivation to do what I should do, I fall back on these few things as a way to get me going. I assume that we writers all have little things like this. Sure there’s the music we write by, or maybe the scents we desire, but the clothing is just as important. It is tactile pleasure. When I am writing, I want my environment to exemplify my own desires and wants. The changes happen depending on what I am writing. Currently, Sonny Rhodes and blues is my music of choice. When working on my novel, I prefer the Enya style of music, or just some tried and true classical. The different characters of my graphic novel define their own musical melody. Writing is a passion just like any other, where some days it doesn’t matter what is around you, the passion overtakes you and it just happens. Other days, the mood needs to be right, and some preparation is involved to make it perfect. Getting the words to flow some days feels like beating your head in with a rock, others, breathing deeply the scent of fall. Yes, the routine is important, finding the time to write no matter how much laundry you might have to do, setting a schedule and sticking to it to the best of your abilities, but how do you get into the routine in the first place? Or, how do you get back into it after a hiatus, whether it be days, weeks, months, or years?
I see writers all the time giving helpful tips to do just that, but what about those of us who are more chaotic, more prone to randomness than routine, who find routine to be stifling and oppressive at times? That is where my senses come into play. When the routine of my day breaks apart, or I just can’t focus on writing no matter how long I stare at the blank sheet or the chapters of prose, I go back to what ignites my senses. Life is random, unpredictable and uncontrollable, and sometimes your writing has to feed off of that. Trying to force order where it doesn’t belong only works some of the time, the rest of the time, you control what you can, and let the chaotic forces take you where they will. When life gets in the way, sometimes the best thing you can do is let it. Take a break, pay attention to the daily drudgery, let yourself wallow in sickness with a blanket and a good movie, maybe have a few days where it seems like all you do is take care of someone else and learn to love those days. That’s life and it is necessary. Trying to omit it doesn’t work, feeling bad about the break from your routine certainly doesn’t work, so learn to love it all. Every dish you wash, every scrape you kiss, every whine that vibrates off your skull, every sick day, every kiss goodbye or hello, every “I love you” spoken, and every bit of life uncontrollable. Take it in, love it all, and when you can, set everything up to your pure enjoyment, and use all of that pandemonium to guide you in your writing.

  1. ~c says:

    So i totally thought this was gonna be an article about Gramere and G-Dan’s house…..BUT it was a welcome surprise and must admit that it totally klangs on my gong! (rings my bell! hahah) Thank you so much for reminding me that forcing it never ever helps. šŸ˜€

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