Random Words Dancing

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Christmas break has ended, and with it the 2 weeks of running around like crazy, the kids opening a ridiculous amount of presents, and the seemingly endless hours of video games enjoyed by all in my household. How will I endure my time without the sounds of Legos breaking and battling, Mario music that won’t get out of my head, Jasper’s voice in the sanctuary, or the jumping about of animals you can virtually pet? Back to work, back to school, means going back to a quiet house, a lower electricity bill, and a bitter sweetness as the kids return to school.

And this is all, quite obviously, not nonesuch.

How about getting a sitter on New Year’s Eve so you can sit at home with a couple good friends and some good beer and kill zombies together? No?

Then how about getting back to work on my graphic novel that has been moldering for much to long? Most definitely.

Writing is my passion. Any sort of writing is enough to keep me happy, so getting back to work on a project that means so much to me, while it may not be profitable, is still a dream come true. I love words. I love to write them, use them, and even abuse them. They don’t mind. They always come back, no matter how horribly you treat them, and they will happily sit in your mouth, popping out when you need them, or even when you least expect them. In our house we love silly words, mispronunciations of words, any word, as long as it makes our mouths happy. And that is ultimately what this blog is about. Whatever words I feel like, whatever topics come to mind on any given day. I’ll write what I want to write, and feel free to comment, using whatever words make your mouth happy. I may ramble, I may be random, but isn’t it our rambling, random, individuality that makes us all nonesuch?

  1. Mom says:

    Mumbletypeg makes my mouth Happy! And your writing makes me happier…

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